Welcome to L&A

L&A brand is a young rapidly growing construction company, ready to take on any challenges from our clients.

Our activity are mainly focused on the Stockholm region and surroundings, including work in the archipelagos.

The company consist of a creative, highly skilled and reliable team of professionals who specialize in many areas of construction work.

Our main profile of work is the renovation of houses and apartments.

We make every effort to maintain the atmosphere and style of place or breathe new life to the old walls.

About Us


Our company deals with many different projects in construction works.

We carry out projects in the field of:
-repairs (painting, puttying, construction of partition walls, etc.),
- carpentry work (building furniture from scratch or assembly from another manufacturer, floors, doors, windows, etc.)
- tiling works
- electrical works
- the work of the VVS
- external works (terraces, extensions, fences, gazebos, garden works
and many more.

We have all the necessary certificates and courses related to safety and improvement of work with the use of specialized machines.



Magdalena: +46 735 502 205

Artur: + 46 762 307 470

Leszek: +46 735 986 342